Changing Tides

Paul HilidesInfrastructure

The water industry has seen a huge amount of change since privatisation but it is set to see more in the next five years than it has in the last twenty-five. April 2017 will see one of the biggest changes to hit the UK Water Industry with the opening of the retail market to all business customers. In short, any … Read More

Time for action

Olivier PidgeonResidential

News that the Government housing white paper has been further delayed by a month until some point in February will no doubt infuriate many housebuilders today. The residential development sector has been seeking market stability and reassurance after a particularly turbulent and uncertain year. From the stamp duty rate increases brought into effect last April followed by the June EU … Read More

The UK Energy market – A year of transition

Olivier PidgeonInfrastructure

The last year has been a turbulent one for the UK energy industry. But the industry remains critical to the health of the UK economy, both in terms of providing essential energy supplies to businesses and customers, and also as a driver of economic growth as new investment takes place across the electricity and gas industries. Investment priorities have changed, … Read More

Home Ownership

Olivier PidgeonResidential

The Redfern Review into the Decline of Home Ownership, an independent report led by Pete Redfern, chief executive of Taylor Wimpey, and commissioned by shadow secretary of state for housing John Healey, reveals that home ownership remains the tenure of choice for 80% of the English population. Home ownership in the UK is about 65% whereas in Germany it is … Read More

Big day out

Olivier PidgeonResidential

ATS Consultants were pleased last week to take a day out from the office and take a train to one of Bellway’s latest developments in Slough. Approximately 15mins from London Paddington, our visit was to see the “foundations” of a home builder and part where we could improve our offering and continue to assist our clients. After all, that is … Read More

Infrastructure Investment: ‘one-way bet’ or ‘booby trap’?

Olivier PidgeonInfrastructure

Infrastructure has traditionally been regarded as a low risk, long-term yielding asset class.  As a relatively new classification, it has outperformed return projections as it bedded in.  As returns from other sectors have been eroded, new investors have been attracted to the segment and existing infrastructure investors have been allocating greater capital to it.  Consequently, the value of ‘dry powder’ … Read More


Olivier PidgeonInfrastructure

Non-executive directors (NEDs) are now common-place in UK listed companies. They are increasingly prevalent in SMEs. So does this trend extend to the infrastructure sector? Much of UK infrastructure is privately funded, ultimately by institutional investors. Pension funds are being encouraged to directly fund more investment. However, the investment vehicles used to deliver infrastructure projects embody complex financial structures with … Read More

Dolphins do it better

Tamsin CarterExecutive Recruitment

Management styles have changed over the past decade and must consider a number of factors and audiences such as: the market, clients, their expectations, shareholders and the teams that they lead, their own aspirations and their business’ ambitions. A successful senior manager needs to possess a range of high level skills and competencies to make a positive contribution their own … Read More

Infrastructure Professionals

Tamsin CarterExecutive Recruitment

Estimates of funds available for investment in infrastructure assets vary, with some commentators valuing this at up to $1trillion. This can be invested in the secondary market however this being a seller’s market investment where risks are high. Generation of new projects in mature markets again offer a low risk reward balance. New projects in new markets for those with … Read More